First Grade Students Participate in Hands-On Learning at RCMH

May 31, 2016

Students from Miss Ash’s first grade class from Lake Holcombe School recently visited Rusk County Memorial Hospital (RMCH) for a hospital tour. RCMH volunteers Mike Nylen and Donna Ohlinger led the tour, visiting Lab, Imaging and our helicopter landing pad.

“The children were able to watch a LifeLink III land an air ambulance on our landing pad and also climb into the helicopter while learning what the flight crew does,” says Beth Stevens, Emergency Department Director.

Kayla Katze, Imaging Technician, led the children into various Imaging rooms while teaching them how hospital equipment works, such as the CT, Fluoroscopy Chair, Ultrasound equipment and X-Ray machines.

“Anytime you talk about broken bones you get their attention! Many of the children had stories to share, whether true or slightly exaggerated,” says Katze.  A few even asked questions such as, “How long did you go to school to become an X-Ray Tech?” or, “How long does an exam take?”

While touring the lab, Tiffany Johnson, Lab Technician, had the children look at red and white blood cells through a microscope, as well as bacteria and microbes growing on agar. They also learned about hand hygiene and had finger print samples taken on agar to take back to their classroom and observe the bacterial growth over time.

With the recent educational visit, RCMH hopes to have alleviated some apprehension of coming to the hospital while sparking some interest in future healthcare careers!