Ladies Thyme Garden Party

Ladies Thyme Garden Party

June 10, 2016

On Wednesday, June 8, over 130 women gathered together at the Colonial Nursey to participate in this year’s Ladies Thyme Garden Party. This free event was sponsored by Rusk County Memorial Hospital (RCMH), Colonial Nursery, Bodytherapy In Motion and JS Supper Club.

Participants had the opportunity to attend three presentations given by Colonial Nursery, RCMH and Bodytherapy In Motion. “The Birds & the Bees Talk” by Cliff Taylor gave a wide overview of planting flowers to attract birds and bees. RCMH’s presentation, “Drink in Summer,” focused on the health benefits of water and featured refreshing ways to stay hydrated and active all season. The third presentation by Bodytherapy In Motion, “A Body in Motion Stays in Motion,” featured instructors for their upcoming classes of yoga, spin, and Tai Chi.

Participants enjoyed a tasty spread from J&S Supper Club and later had the opportunity to win door prizes donated by each of the presenters. The Women with Courage Foundation was also present at the event and were the recipient of ten percent of the sales from the evening.