RCMH Offers Fit Exams to People of All Ages

January 13, 2016

The Rusk County Memorial Hospital (RCMH) Physical Therapy Department now offers fitness physicals through FitTEST Solutions to people of all ages and fitness levels. Aimed at empowering individuals to get physically active and lead healthier lives, the program combines evidence-based tests with clinical experience to determine goals, address barriers and develop an individualized exercise program.

RCMH Athletic Trainer Amy Junk administers the physicals and collaborates with RCMH physical therapists to prescribe an activity program for individuals.

The fitness physicals are a cash-based, outpatient service geared to anyone interested in improving their health, whether they are an athlete or a sedentary adult who wants to become more active. Patients who have completed rehab can utilize fitness physicals to help them move from rehabilitation to better overall wellness.

“The exercise programs we create are individualized to meet the person where he or she is at and are based on their goals,” RCMH Director of Physical Therapy Tony Schotzko said. “The aim for one person may be to decrease their chance of developing chronic health disorders, while someone else may already be physically active and want to focus on maximizing athletic performance.”

The physicals include multiple stages in order to deliver clear, credible data and create the best program for each individual. Medical records will be reviewed, and the individual’s primary exercise goal – lowering disease risk, increasing fitness or maximizing performance – will be established before testing begins.

Tests vary depending upon the established goal but may include a push-up, standing heel raise or arm curl test. Individuals may also elect to participate in any or all of the available seven endurance tests, including a one-mile walk and three-minute step test. Before developing a program, Junk and RCMH physical therapists will also evaluate a person’s approach and attitude toward physical activity.

“If a person doesn’t have confidence, commitment or understanding of the benefits of exercise, we develop a program in which we provide additional education and support,” Schotzko said. “If a person is already committed to exercise, then we shift our focus to helping them set and achieve their goals.”

To learn more or to schedule a fitness physical, contact the RCMH Rehabilitation Services Department at 715-532-5561 ext. 1301.