Medication Safety

Your provider, nurses and/or pharmacist will discuss new medications or changes to your current medication plan with you.

Medication can be incredibly helpful, but it can also be dangerous if used inappropriately. RCMH requests you bring in any current medications to your visit or at the beginning of a hospital stay to assess your medication needs.

Also, there are a few things you must know or find out when it comes to your medications:

  • The name and color of the medicine
  • Why you are taking the medicine
  • How, and how often, the medicine should be taken
  • The intended outcome of the medication
  • Any possible side effects

You should also make your healthcare provider aware of any allergies or reactions to drugs that you or your family have.

Preparing for Your Visit

The dedicated staff at MMC-Ladysmith wants to make the preparations for your hospital stay as easy as possible. Taking time to understand the preparation process will speed up your registration at the hospital and inform you of the expectations throughout your stay to make your hospital visit as comfortable as possible.